Baby’s First Staycation

beverly-hills-hotel-childrenIf you are looking for creative and new experiences to share with your children in Los Angeles, we at the little truffle suggest a staycation at one of our  city’s finer hotels, The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Built in 1912 the celebrity hide out for many includes such legends as Faye Dunaway, Charlie Chaplin and John Lennon!

With the price of a room, your child will have access to the pool, telephones, gardens, not to mention all the thoughtful amenities hotels have stocked for little ones. The Beverly Hills hotel sells not-to-miss pink rubber duckies.

If you’re lucky you can see weddings being set-up with flowers galore, and even see all the fancy black-tie guests who come to attend the hotel’s elegant 5 star-events.

In your spare time, stop by the gift shop, buy pajamas, snacks and see what other goodies they have. Eat in one of the many restaurants including the famous Polo Lounge or Fountain Room.

By the second night, your child/children will be very well-versed in hotel protocol, so beware of unpredictable phone calls to room service while you’re in your bubble bath.

Oh- and don’t forget- always ask for an upgrade! It’s your divine right as an LA local!

Don’t forget to channel Eloise! Stay up late, use the iPad whenever, and call your local friends to come visit!

Even if you just live 15 minutes away The Beverly Hills Hotel is the perfect destination for relaxation and fun! Full of beautiful decor, architecture and momentous history, this hotel embodies local elegance AND old Hollywood glamour!

The best part for moms, is it’s family friendly so your little ones can experience all the wonders this place has to offer- in an environment the whole family can enjoy!

Beverly Hills Hotel - Brady with the imfamous Faye Dunaway photo

Karen and Brady Freedman
Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room

Beverly Hills Hotel bungalows

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