4 Beauty Must-Buys to Step-Up Your ‘New Mom’ War Paint 


Goodbye are the morning routines where you would come up with a palette for the day and / or mood. Now sometimes just swapping out your chapstick for a lip-stainer and adding some mascara to your weary eyes is all our children will permit.

Depending on your child’s age, the brutally of newborn night feedings, or the never-ending sleep training of a toddler leaves far too much power to the unforgiving mirror in the morning.

No matter if it’s a brisk fall morning that our bumps are in now or a sunny afternoon, we don’t think you ever need to compromise your look (and inner confidence) when all it takes is one minute – literally! As women we should always embrace our glow and never not feel our best!

So this is how we get by for school drop-off, park, morning tea, or for us, early morning blog meetings. To highlight our ongoing pregnancy glow factor we always start with a sunscreen base (Dior BB creme) to add dimension and awareness (Nars Orgasm Stick) and top it off with a feeling of togetherness and focus, a heavy lash (Clinique High Impact Mascara). If time allows a natural sparkle across the lid (Nars in Isolde) and there you have it – a natural, yet alive, look no matter how much sleep you haven’t had!

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