3 Perfect Late-Night Healthy Treats For Moms!

Pregnancy is a marathon and few women would say otherwise. A marathon you can’t train for! So how do you ready yourself for a marathon?

Know your limit and pace yourself!

One of the keys in doing this is sustaining your stamina through diet. Unfortunately, so many of us suffer from early nausea, making the protein quota unreachable. But much like the aged old rule (passed down from my Grandmother) when feeding your toddler, it’s not what they eat in a day – look at what they eat in a week. So when we look over your diet for that week and Tuesday’s bowl of ice cream was counteracted with a chicken salad on Wednesday you can rebalance to a healthy plateau.

Whether your staving off the nausea or trying to pack in as many nutrients as possible, these are a couple of our fave pregnancy snacks.

  1. Post farmers market, we picked up some fresh raspberries that we like to put into a mix with a little balsamic vinegar and drizzle over any salad. Our favorite Giada de Laurentiis makes the ultimate dressing here – she even adds chocolate in hers!
  2. Turmeric tea is another queazy-quencher with fresh mint: it’s as simple as shaving the tumeric root in a tea cup and let steep after a minute or so in the microwave. Strain, add agave, a sprig of mint and enjoy!
  3. And finally, ANZAC cookies – a classic Aussie cookie mindful of a chewy oatmeal cookie (but better and more fun to make). Here is Aussie Chef Curtis Stone’s go-to recipe.
ANZAC biscuit kids snack
My up-late (8pm), post-bed, bath and story treat! Soy ice cream and a delicious ANZAC biscuit!



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